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Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies are a true enabler for digital transformation. Work with us to make it work for you.

Expert Cloud SOlutions

Build your business on the cloud

Cloud-Native Apps

Build your apps directly on and for the cloud to achieve optimal performance, and flexibility in responding to market shifts.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your legacy applications to the cloud and upgrade their technology stack to gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

Cloud Optimization

A perfect cloud set-up is a moving target that needs constant improvements and enhancements to maximize its value.

Why cloud?

High-speed innovation

Once on the cloud, companies notice a much higher pace for implementing innovative solutions.

Improved security

While still being one of the major concerns when moving to the cloud, strong security is a significant advantage of cloud platforms.

Strong revenue growth

Digital leaders using native cloud technologies experience revenue growth as they better respond to market demand.

Increased automation

Companies can not only automate app deployments but also use cloud services to automate their business workflows.

Reduced time-to-market

Businesses that know how to use the cloud deploy new products faster and outperform their opponents manifold.

Lower carbon footprint

Going green with the cloud is much easier because they have a much lower ecological footprint than traditional data centers.

Migrate & Adopt

Build your foundation

Tap into the leading cloud platforms' capabilities and build your foundation for your next digital ventures.

Microsoft Azure

Bigger firms tend to use Azure, also because it has long been the go-to option for hybrid deployments with Azure Stack

Amazon Web Services

AWS was the first on the cloud market and is still the leader with depths and breadth of services. It's considered developer friendly

Google Cloud Platform

Companies turn to GCP for its deep expertise around AI and machine learning capabilities, and open-source technologies.

How can we Help

Our cloud expertise

Let our experienced engineers build cloud-native applications from scratch, upgrade and migrate your legacy systems to the cloud, or integrate mission-critical on-premise apps with various cloud platforms.

App modernization

Transform your applications to realize the full benefits of the cloud and improve your return on investment.


A smart integration strategy for multicloud enables seamless flow of data across these ecosystems.

Big data on Cloud

Harness the ever-increasing volumes of data with cloud technologies and make informed decisions that elevate your business.


Run Kubernetes in multiple environments - on premise, public cloud, or edge - and maximize your portability.

Cloud experts as a service

Find experts specializing in cloud technologies and let them design best of breed solutions for your company.

Engagement Models

Interested? We offer a variety of engagement models. Find out which one is the best for you.

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