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Big Data & Analytics

Data hides opportunities. Tap into our expert's knowledge and build solutions that unlock new ways of doing business.

you Data Journey

Give your data a voice


Collect data from various sources, store it, and make it consumable by sophisticated analytics tools.

kafka / data lakes / hadoop


Analyze your data to uncover patterns and train machine learning models to generate insights, predictions - and new revenue.

data analytics / machine learning


Let your executives or customers consume insights in real-time in user-friendly dashboards or notifications.

tableau / powerbi / d3.js
Big Data Pipeline

The building blocks for your data pipeline

Operate your business with new agility by using solutions explicitly made for the data era.

Data engineering

Build the foundation for a robust big data pipeline, from stream processing to data lakes to data warehouses.

Machine learning & AI

Apply AI concepts to build and train models that can be consumed by your organization or third-parties.

Data management & monitoring

Set-up monitoring and controls to increase security and compliance - data is an valuable asset.

Data visualization

Democratize your data by giving every employee access to tools to generate insights.

Big Data Capabilities

Where our engineers shine


Data Lake

Data Warehouse/Datamart

Cluster Set-up (Cloud, On-Prem)


Event streaming

ML model development

Big Data Security

Proof of Concept, Pilot, Prototype

Performance engineering

Data Visualization

Engagement Models

Interested? We offer a variety of engagement models. Find out which one is the best for you.

IndustrY Use Cases

Solutions for every industry

Every industry has its challenges - let us know your vision, and we'll provide you with experts with a perfect match.


Leverage big data to understand purchasing behaviour, elevate shopping experience, and increase personalization.


FinTech relies on great customer experience. Use big data to uncover what your customers want.


Applying big data concepts across the manufacturing value chain will generate exponential value.

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