Technical Recruiting

Hire employees, with confidence.

Team up with our technical recruiters and get quality candidates delivered to you, hassle-free.

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The people you want are not actively looking for a job.

Let's find you candidates that happily accept your job offer.

While you relax.

Actively sourced

We target only those who match your criteria.

Screened & pre-interviewed

All candidates are vetted by us.

No CV-trading

It's not our game, nor should it be yours.

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How we vet candidates?

Our process is easy - just tell us something about your needs.


targeting the most suitable candidates

We design our search campaign to attract the right people.


Screening the profile

Our recruiters screen the profile to check if it's a match.


Pre-Interviewing Candidates

We gather detailed information, validate experience & skills.


Your interviews

Once we filter out the best matches, you can start your interviews.

How Nubeasoft can help?

Augment your inhouse team

Not enough manpower to handle those open positions? Let our recruiters help you out.

Use our experience & Database

Our recruiters have filled hundreds of positions and have a strong network of candidates.

Get advice on the polish talent market

We primarily search on the Polish market - it's a tough market if you don't know the specifics.

Roles we fill

We fill technical roles ranging from backend to data to hardware engineers.

Backend Developers
Frontend Developers
Security Engineer
Android Developer
Android Developer
iOS Developer
Game Developer
Systems Developer
Data Engineer
ML Engineer
Big Data Engineer
Data Analyst
ETL Developer
Data Scientist
NLP Developer
DevOps Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
System Administrator
Database Administrator
IaC (Terraform) Developer
Hardware Architect
Embedded Developer
IoT Developer
Electrical Engineer
Linus RTOS Developer
C++ Developer
C Developer
PCB Designer

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