Contract Talent

Hire senior contract developers.

Get access to top developers from Poland, sourced and vetted by us.

Can't find good engineers for your project?

Let's find you tech talent you'll want to keep forever.

Without breaking your budget.

Senior only

On average 7+ years of experience.

Proven and vetted

We check the skills, personality & language.


All developers sign a contract with us directly.

A developer working at a desk

How to hire contractors?

Our process is easy - just tell us something about your needs.


Tell us whom you need

Skill, experience-level, your budget, and other requirements.


We search for the best matches

We make an active search trying to find developers that match to you.


You shortlist & Hire

You interview the developers, and hire those you want.

When can a contract developer help?

Testing ideas (Prototyping)

Build a prototype to test out ideas with a flexible workforce you can scale up or down.

Fill expertise Gaps

Get access to specific know-how and fill your gaps in no time.

Quickly add capacity

Launching a new product? Or a major release? Bridge your capacity gap with a contractor.

Reduce risks of hiring

Try out the contractor, and if it works out, offer them a permanent contract.

Bring a Fresh perspective

Outside contractors often have a new perspective on how to solve your problems.

Reaching deadlines

Investors and stakeholders want to see their deadlines met - get help from a contractor.

Contractor roles we focus on

We work with senior-level contractors, tech leads, and architects.

Backend Developers
Frontend Developers
Security Engineer
Android Developer
Android Developer
iOS Developer
Game Developer
Systems Developer
Data Engineer
ML Engineer
Big Data Engineer
Data Analyst
ETL Developer
Data Scientist
NLP Developer
DevOps Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
System Administrator
Database Administrator
IaC (Terraform) Developer
Hardware Architect
Embedded Developer
IoT Developer
Electrical Engineer
Linus RTOS Developer
C++ Developer
C Developer
PCB Designer

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