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The right partner for your digital ventures and a place where talent and technology meets.

Why Nubeasoft

Vibrant talent hub

We are located right in the middle of a established hub that grants us access to people who know what they do.

Business focus

Even the most advanced technologies are worth nothing if there are no meaningful business outcomes - we know that.

Unbiased advice

Our experts work with you to create solutions that suit your needs because it's all about your company's best interest.

Lean in size, huge in expertise

Besides our flat structures, fast decision-making abilities, and vast experience, rumor has it we're fun to work with.

Focused on relationships

By being focused on relations - not transactions - we foster a culture around deeper behaviors and meaningful actions..

Our Approach

We gravitate towards new technologies while searching for their business value.



Lower Silesia's capital is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Poland and the third-largest academic center in the country. And because remote work is so popular, we also work with experts all around Poland.

+48 xxx xxx xxx
Plac Solny 15
50-062 Wroclaw


Our sales office is in Frankfurt, in one of the world's most important financial centers and critical data hubs. It's home to many fintech startups, aviation businesses, and a vibrant pharmacy sector.

+49 176 43987048
Voltastr. 41
60486 Frankfurt

Wroclaw - A vibrant technology hub

36 000 IT experts

550+ tech events annually

Major European cities within a 2.5h flight

200+ startups

Strong Big Data, Cloud, IoT expertise

112 000 students at Wroclaw universities

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